The chart of Typical Properties lists the technological characteristics of our electrodes. The figures are based on room temperature, except where otherwise stated. The average values vary according to the electrode diameter.

High Degree Purity

The high purity of our graphite electrodes is sufficient to meet the most exacting
demands of customers.

Resistance to Thermal Shock

In addition to mechanical stress, graphite electrodes also have to withstand high thermal shock. Careful selection of raw materials, their mixing and processing have contributed
to a substantial increase in thermal shock resistance, thus greatly improving the stability
of the electrodes and eliminating to a great extent the tendency of cracking under high load due to insufficient temperature compensation under the varying operational conditions.
The desired shock resistance is attained by favourably balancing the decisive material characteristics such as thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, strength and elasticity.

Variation of the physical characteristics
of electrographite with temperature
Mechanical Strength

With the exception of extreme cases, the graphite electrodes are capable of withstanding
to high mechanical stress during the electric arc furnace operation. Mechanical strength attains its maximum when, at higher temperatures, the greatest mechanical stress occurs. Mechanical strength is also of particular importance in connection with the reduction
of the tips of the electrodes caused by lateral oxidation.

Electrical Resistance

Low electrical resistance is an important feature of graphite electrodes. Actually this characteristic is essential for coping with the high current densities which electrodes and nipples are subject to in the electric arc furnaces.