Aluminium Industry
  • Graphite Fluxing Tubes                           
  • Graphite Impeller Systems for Aluminium Degassing           
  • Casting Rings for Hot Top Casting or for Gas Slip System
  • Graphite Plates and Rolls for Aluminium Extrusion Presses    

Metallurgical Industry
  • Graphite Plates and Trays for Sintering
  • Graphite Boats for Heat Treatment of Powder
  • Graphite Crucibles for Sintering Furnaces
  • Furnace Components and Heating Elements
  • Flexible Carbon and Graphite Felts, Rigid Graphite Felt for Thermal Insulation
  • Moulds for Sintering of Drill Bits
  • Graphite Plates and Moulds for Inert Gas Soldering

Steel Industry
  • Graphite Heating Rods and Contacts for Steel Degassing

Non-Ferrous Metal Industry
  • Graphite Dies for Continuous Casting
  • Graphite Rods and Contacts for Resistance Furnaces
  • Graphite Tubes for Thermocouples
  • Stirring Rods, Plugs and Spouts
  • Graphite Crucibles for Precious Metals and Dental Alloys
  • Graphite Boats and Moulds for Ingots

Mechanical Engineering Industry
  • Bearings and Seals for Pumps - Submersible Pumps
  • Bearings for Plywood Dryers
  • Rings and Seals for Steam Joints in Paper-Machines
  • Turbine Rings for Hydro-Power Stations
  • Rings and Vanes for Compressors
  • Semifinished Materials for Mechanical Applications                

Chemical Industry
  • Carbon Bricks for Chemical Resistant Linings       
  • Carbon and Graphite Tubes and Nozzles
  • Graphite Electrodes for Electrochemistry
  • Decomposer Graphite
  • Graphite Anodes for Electroplating
  • Carbon and Graphite Rings, Seals and Bushes                

Glass Industry, Glassfiber-Production, Quartz
  • Porous Carbon for Wet Blowing Process
  • Vacuum Lifters for Automatic Glass Production
  • Graphite Inserts for Take-out Systems
  • Graphite Components for Float-Glass-Process
  • Graphite Rolls for Glassfiber-Production
  • Graphite Rods and Tubes for Quartz-Production

Electrical Application
  • Carbon Collectors for Trolley buses and Cranes
  • Carbon Blocks for Brush Manufacture and Carbon Brushes

Medical Technique
  • Special Carbon Electrodes for light therapy application