With over 150 long years of experience in the manufacturing of carbon and graphite products supplemented periodically with technological upgrades and innovations, Graphite COVA ranks among the most respected suppliers of graphite electrodes, speciality carbon and graphite products as well as performance enhancing coating technology for graphite electrodes.

Today, Graphite COVA is in the technological forefront of the chemicals-industrial sector. While the major part of the overall output is from graphite electrodes, Graphite COVA offers a unique type of coating for graphite electrodes, based on aluminium, graphite and other elements with potential savings in electrode consumption in the range of 15-25%.

Production and sales are planned systematically to ensure timely delivery of good quality products in accordance with customer specifications. The Company also extends at site technical services to its customers through its competent team of service engineers. Further strengthened by recent investments in the manufacturing processes as well as environmental protection devices, Graphite Cova has become a well balanced destination to all its customers with a set of branded products providing total customer satisfaction and earning the reward of brand loyalty.

Graphite COVA offers customer specific technical solutions for applications in various industries, mainly steel, inclusive of other industries, like metallurgical applications, aluminium, non-ferrous covering chemical, glass, telecommunication, automobile industry and also general engineering sectors. With a dedicated technical team of engineers, the company efficiently carries forward its excellent tradition of providing a sound infrastructure and innovative services to its esteemed clientele.

In August 2004, Graphite COVA became a leading member of the prestigious Graphite India Group of Companies. In the global ranking of graphite electrodes producers, this Group features within the top five (5) manufacturers and has established its powerful presence in over 50 countries with a profile of over 150 customers – many of whom are Multi-Nationals.